Build Winning Organizations, Teams & Athletes with the first 360° Business Management and Player Development Platform for Sports

Introducing new, cloud-based software for sports organizations that combines comprehensive business & event management solutions with sport science to help drive growth, manage complexity and deliver winning team & player performance.



The Business of Sports

For sports organizations wanting to manage the successful production of competitive events like leagues and tournaments or prepare athletes to succeed in competition through the delivery of player development programs. That is the business of sports.

The Science of Winning

Winning sports organizations build winning teams and athletes by utilizing the tools and methods of Sport Science. Manage team training & player development. Optimize performance. Minimize risk of injury. That is the science of winning.

The Business of Sports


Flexible Org Structures

Most sports organizations are multi-dimensional with some divisions focused on Player Development and others on running Leagues, Tournaments, Camps, Clinics or other events. SportsWerks brings clarity to this complexity.

Event Registration

On-board participants and volunteers to your club or event with a robust registration process that you own. Easily administer invitations, waitlists and program caps. Maintain a database of questions required for each of your events.

Financial & Resource Planning

Forecast the feasibility, profitability, and resource requirements of your next event. Manage a portfolio of events. Know which opportunities to pursue or forgo. Interface with your financial systems via shared chart of accounts.

Manage Staff & Volunteers

Most sports organizations employ a staff of regulars, semi-regulars and seasonal volunteers. SportsWerks lets you manage them all and re-use them with each new program. Track credentials, build org charts & more.

Sponsors & Sponsorships

Drive sponsorship revenues dramatically higher through digital activation programs. Maintain sponsorable inventory. Price & cost benefit packages. Manage agreements, deal pipelines and more.

Capacity Planning

If you have to ask "how many fields will we need for our next event " then you need Capacity Planning. Easily model the event you want to have and determine the resources you require before you make commitments.

Groups & Teams

Easily assign your participants to group levels for training and development programs or as competition-ready teams and rosters. Upload team regalia like logos and uniform colors to give web presentations a professional look.

Manage Competitions

Power your competitive events with customary formats like round robin pools and multi-elimination brackets. Define standings rules and point awards. Easy to enter scoring and game stats present results instantly to the web.

Agile Scheduling

Utilize matrix-based field availabilities to generate conflict-free field schedules for the largest of leagues. For short-term events, use the powerful visual scheduler to deftly manage daily schedules and changes.

App-free Mobile

SportsWerks utilizes Progressive Web App design for mobile users to have access to their latest personal, team, training and competition information so no need to install and maintain apps through app stores.


Manage your entire sports organization using customizable operational and analytical dashboards. Navigate your organization with visual, summary level information and drill down into detail to make decisions or perform tasks.

Website & CMS

Create and manage informative and engaging websites with over 30 modules containing content from your event and training programs and a powerful visual page-layout feature that simplifies web page building for users.

The Science of Winning


Training Activities

Maintain a complete library of activities that make up your drills, practices or training sessions. Each activity can provide multi-media and instructional resources, equipment requirements, time, location and performance evaluation metrics.

Session Planning

The heart of your player development programs is your training sessions and activities. Plan and schedule training sessions from pre-built and re-usable templates that group together activities from your library.


Schedule your training sessions & activities by season, week or day and by division, team or individual athlete. Prepare schedules using a visual scheduler that displays training facilities and fields or upload directly from spreadsheets.

Testing & Evaluation

Maintain a library of test measures and performance test templates. Associate test measures with training programs and activities to quantify performance, evaluations, training load, test batteries and more.

Athlete Management System

The Sport Science Hub that powers 'The Science of Winning'. A repository of all training and game performance data are stored and made accessible via analytical tools and visual, highly-configurable dashboards.

Athlete Questionnaires

Our built-in Forms Builder allows you to create and publish online surveys and questionnaires to collect information about external loads and stressors from athletes that informs Daily Wellness Monitoring and other feedback.

Wellness Monitoring

Athlete wellness report submissions can be monitored to help identify and spot trends on recovery issues, fatigue, and other external stressors reported by the athlete.

Workload Management

Track aggregated internal and external load measures to determine athlete fitness. Monitor Acute Chronic Workload Ratio (ACWR), week to week load deltas, monotony, strain and more.


Use the built-in tools for performing team or individual athlete analysis. Even more, you can easily access your Athlete Management System data via Microsoft Excel or PowerBI.

Why SportsWerks

SportsWerks is the only platform that provides a 360° business and event management solution to help grow your sports organization by managing event complexity and sport science-backed player development to deliver winning teams and athletes